C/D: This is sorta like seeing 3D for the first time without glasses

#1NintendoNitePosted 7/9/2010 6:59:13 PM
#2Im_a_nubPosted 7/9/2010 7:06:33 PM
C: but i bet he smoked a pound of weed first before he saw the 3D effect
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#3turtleman64Posted 7/9/2010 7:08:44 PM
Doubt it was pot, seems more like Ecstasy or something. oh yeah, C btw.
#4Megaman OmegaPosted 7/10/2010 7:14:34 AM
The funny thing is, i yet have to see a rainbow that isn't double or triple.
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#5LawnNinjaPosted 7/10/2010 8:28:29 AM
Yeah, this dude is most definitely tripping... he's asking what the rainbow means and **** and hooting like he's having an orgasm and then ****ing starts balling his eyes out crying. He's on LSD or mushrooms or some other kind of INTENSE hallucinogen.

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