just saw the release date

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6 years ago#1

the months will fly by
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6 years ago#2
NoA did not confirm his statement.
6 years ago#3
Old-ish news, and incorrect according to sources


6 years ago#4
So...they're using the information that was "leaked" on that stupid jimmy fallon "show" thing?

Anyway, this was already talked about and there is no way that nintendo is gonna skip over the holiday sales and miss the delicious cash only possible to gain on those days.
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6 years ago#5
Very OLD, and already proven inaccurate.
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6 years ago#6

From: Mozillla | #001
the months will fly by

The months have already flown by since your information is out.
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6 years ago#7
Host: this is incredible, can i keep this?
Reggie: ah No
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