Release date yet.

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User Info: pichufreak

6 years ago#1
For the USA/Canada greatly thanked for real answer.
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User Info: Platinumashes

6 years ago#2
None yet.
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User Info: Odd_Bob

6 years ago#3
When a date is announced it'll be all over the board and pretty much impossible to miss.
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User Info: SocksForWok

6 years ago#4
March 31st 2011
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User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#5

From: SocksForWok | #004
March 31st 2011

thats the last possibly day it could be released.. so launch is somewhere between the next second to march 31st 2011.

User Info: IlikeBacon16

6 years ago#6
Some Sunday before March 31st is my bet. Anyone else agree? lol

User Info: Golberg51

6 years ago#7
The release window is somewhere between this Holiday and March 2011. Nothing exact, though.
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User Info: pichufreak

6 years ago#8
Thanks so much people i want this because i have the ds before ds lite and didnt want anything else but this seems better.
Brawl Fc: 1290-8280-2846.(Pichu)
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