Should I start saving now?

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6 years ago#1
Well, if the system's release date is suddenly announced, and is closer than I thought, should I start saving up my money for this now? Before anyone asks, I'm not a money magician, so I can't make $200 appear out of nowhere.

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6 years ago#2
I'd say yes. Then when it comes out, you don't need to scrape together money right before release. It just makes it simpler.
6 years ago#3
Well I don't know you and your current financial situation (job and such). From the way you generally described it though I would obviously have to say yes!

I'm kind of in a low profit problem myself! I started saving about 2 and a half months ago for it and currently I have about $150.

Also to give you a more colored picture of how much money you'll need/want at release:

(There is no official price as of yet these are my guesses based on how much money the DSi XL costs, taking into account the price drop it should have before the 3DS launch)

3DS: I would guess $200~$250
Games: I would guess $30~$45

So if you want it and a game at launch (to be on the safe side) you should have a little over $300 dollars ready to fork over for a pre-order!

Hope this helps make up your mind!!!
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6 years ago#4
I've already started saving and why not? Better be save...
6 years ago#5
6 years ago#6
Start saving up for the DS2 that Nintendo will announce a year later.
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6 years ago#7
^They just announced it this past E3!

I think it comes out in Japan later this year, and in the US early next year!
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