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User Info: frogman_295

6 years ago#1
*looks at games list and sees "Deca Sports" and "Carnival Games".

Really no console is exempt from shovelware, but I hope 3DS has a lot less of it. Thankfully, no Imagine games have been announced yet. :P
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User Info: pichufan2000

6 years ago#2
It will be massively popular.

ALL popular consoles have shovelware. There is no way around it.

Sorry to burst your bubble.
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User Info: Gucci_Mane_

6 years ago#3
Got dammit I hate shovelware. I used to be suckered into it, to buy it... but then I got smart and promptly exposed of all of it I had in my immense collection.
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User Info: Rayder

6 years ago#4
Well, if the 3DS is truly pirate-proof like they say it will be, then shovelware will fail based on sales and the GOOD games will stand-out more in comparison.
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