ITT: we pretend E3 never happened.

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6 years ago#1
6 years ago#2
stop making substance-less topics
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6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
B-b-b-b-b-but Skittles T_T where will I get my fix for a loli playing with her lil kitty? >_>
6 years ago#5
So guys, I can't wait till e3. :D
And that's all I got.
6 years ago#6
but i is bored and the
"psp is great...

at failing" topics are getting old
6 years ago#7
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6 years ago#8
The kutaku article is obviously a fake. There's no way Nintendo would be stupid enough to make the 3DS look exactly like the DS.

Anybody can take a picture of a DS and add a bigger screen on top in photoshop.

Use your brains and think a little people.
6 years ago#9
How ridiculous would it be if Nintendo released a new 3d handheld with nothing but a bunch of remakes and fanboys went wild and declared it the best console ever and claimed it had better graphics than current consoles. But what an insane idea.
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6 years ago#10
It's going to use head tracking. Don't be stupid. They said they were making glasses free 3D. The only thing that even remotely fits the criteria is head tracking.
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