Do you have to wait in line to pre order?

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6 years ago#1
When it's available, can I just go the first day and pre order it? Or do I have to wait in line to pre order it?
6 years ago#2
Dunno if you mean ordering from a retailer or online, so I'm gonna answer both cases.

If you're pre-ordering at a retail, the line that you may or may not have to encounter depends largely on the common interest in preordering the system around your area. You may can just walk in and order one -- you may have to stand in a small line. It will also depend on what weekday the preordering begins on. I preordered PKMN SS on a workday morning and there were no other customers.

Online preorders will likely have a wait line, since people are lazy and the internet makes shopping soo convenient for them. And their systems can probably only handle a certain number of queries at a time.
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6 years ago#3
Oh, I see! Thanks!
6 years ago#4
If you plan to pre order in person, I would suggest heading to your nearest game specialty shop as soon as SKU information is released and confirmed.. Mainly because stores like EB or GS get limited quantities depending on their locations, but not dependent on the amount of pre orders. A Gamestop can get over 100 pre orders, but wind up getting 11 units shipped to the store.

In this situation, the store will use a waiting list as opposed to a first come first serve type deal. You'll get a call when the store receives a shipment and your next on the list.
6 years ago#5
^^^ I have one I think not too far away it's one of those pop shops haha. I don't know if they'll even get the 3DS though, is that what happened to Gamestop with the Wii? Because I want 2 pre orders. One for me, and one for my mom hehe. Thanks
6 years ago#6
Yea, I worked at GS during the Wii launch period. We were getting 11 systems. We were allowed 3 employee reserves as well, so that left a total of 8 systems for customers. Anybody that didn't get one that pre ordered had to wait until the next shipment arrived, and the pre orders were filled in order of reservees.

I don't know if a ma and pa shop will get it either. You may want to check with owner. If not, you can always hit up wal-mart for the midnight launch. But then you'll need to camp days in advance.

There is no EB/GameStop/GameCrazy where you are?
6 years ago#7
Really? Wowww thanks for letting me know. Yeah I just called one of the local stores and they won't be getting it in. And yeah I have 2 Gamestops pretty close to me. Which do you think is the best option these are all the stores by me that I'm sure are getting it:

Toys R Us
Best Buy

Those are all my choices. I'm going to the midnight launch btw
6 years ago#8
Well, Nintendo doesn't always have Midnight launches. If that's what you're opting for, you'll have to go to Wal-Mart and risk not having a pre order.

BUT, I personally would go to Gamestop and reserve it with the minimum $50. THEN go to the Wal-Mart midnight release. If you miss one at Wal-mart, you still have one reserved at Gamestop. When systems release Gamestops open at 9 AM. If you wind up getting one at wal mart at midnight, then you can cancel your GS reserve and get your money back the next day.
6 years ago#9
you'll also need 2 people if you plan to reserve 2 systems at the same gamestop. otherwise you will need to reserve one system each at 2 different stores.
6 years ago#10
I see! Good plan. Thanks alot man. I think I'll do this:

I'll pre order at 'x' Gamestop and then my Mom will pre order at 'xx' Gamestop. We'll go to Walmart at 10 or 11 PM and then wait till the midnight launch. If we get them then we can go and cancel our pre orders at Gamestop right? If we don't get them then we'll go back and wait till the Gamestops open and get them there.

Now I have two walmarts by me. One's open 24 hours and the other is not. The one that's open 24 hours is better right?
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