3D without glasses isn't something new.

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6 years ago#1
While I was traveling to Florida for my cruise, my family and I stopped at this store called J.R. While I was there they had this picture, and part of it seemed like it jumped out of the screen. Maybe J.R has some secret lab that helps them develop stuff for the future?
It only does shooters
6 years ago#2
Did it feel or look scratchy? Think those old 3D cards that show different images as you look at them differently.
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6 years ago#3
Maybe 3D without glasses isn't new. But it is new within the context of video games.
6 years ago#4
No, it had the same image no matter what position you saw it from. and only part of it looked like it poped out, If it helps any, it was a painting of grapes and it had a plastic like surface.
It only does shooters
6 years ago#5
Of course it isn't new. What is your point? It's new for video game consoles and that's all that matters
6 years ago#6
There are already glasses-less 3D T.V.s. The problem is they won't take off in sales, because you need to view the T.V. sitting directly in front of it.
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6 years ago#7
I believe good sir that you are referring to a hologram. A hologram an image on a surface in which the image of an object is imposed upon the surface from several different angles. (I'll have to fact check this later) I believe the surface is specially constructed to alter the way light is reflected off of it. This combined with the imposed angel can create a very realistic (and trippy) 3D effect.

Despite sounding super complicated this type of technology has been around for decade. I remember when I was a child my older cousin owned a hologram skull keychain. The technology in the 3ds is incredibly different from this.
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6 years ago#8
"3D without glasses isn't something new."

It's definitely new to handheld though, nuff said!
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