Why do I have the strangest feeling this is going to suck?

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User Info: BXX346

6 years ago#1
Here me out first. 3d is not that great and the fact that it's going to cost at least 250 dollars is not appealing to the masses.

User Info: ffdgh

6 years ago#2
....mmk ur opinion

but 3d without glasses says hi and.....possibly gcn-wii graphics say hai
lol troll bait
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User Info: AerialAlch

6 years ago#3
Since when is it costing 250?
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User Info: Megaguts

6 years ago#4
No confirmed price
3D not that great? You must really hate life then, what with our entire universe being in 3D
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User Info: frogman_295

6 years ago#5
Even if it is over $200, it won't be $300 or more trust me.

-graphics on par with Wii
-can play 3D movies
-great 3rd party support including a complete original Resident Evil

yeah, sounds full of fail...*sarcasm*
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User Info: turoklord

6 years ago#6
It has a 3D camera too.
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User Info: goeli

6 years ago#7
than turn the 3D off.
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User Info: Hyrulesaver123

6 years ago#8
Not appealing to the masses my ass. Everyone will be like "O_o 3D...without glasses? My kids will like this"

And there is no confirmed price so you're blowing steam outcha ass.
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User Info: winwithlink

6 years ago#9
you have that feeling because you're worried that its going to be better than whatever system you currently own.
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#10
It's a Nintendo product. Something tells me it's going to appeal to the masses.
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  3. Why do I have the strangest feeling this is going to suck?

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