This console NEEDS a virtual console

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5 years ago#41
PSP already has virtual console...

Not in the same vein as the Wiis, it doesn't. Plus they care even less than Nintendo does about it. Red, Blue and Yellow still save and they are older than my SIlver and Crystal...and they dont save anymore u_u

That's due to the internal clock continually using up some of the battery. That's why they got rid of it for the GBA games, and only put it back into the DS games because of the DS itself having an internal clock.
5 years ago#42
Just thought I should point this out:
Virtual Handheld or Virtual console doesn't matter.
A Wii by any other name would be just as fun.
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5 years ago#43
My dictionary defines a console as "a small machine for playing computerized video games."

If that isn't what a 3DS is then I don't know anything!

Then again, how much does Oxford know about video games.

Ps. They should do a VC fro the 3DS. Backwards compatibility to the max!
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5 years ago#44
According to Nintendo's own website, the DS is a handheld console
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