Should the next Pokemon titles (after B/W) be in the 3DS?

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i cant see a pokemon ruby sapphire emerald remix
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g/s were on regular gb? i must have forgotten. so it is very likely the 3rd will be on 3ds.
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From: BIGLlittlel | Posted: 7/24/2010 5:23:07 PM
There will be R/S/E remakes, it's inevitable. More money for Nintendo. Granted, the remakes probably won't come for quite a while, but realistically they will come out eventually.

I don't see why they would, though. True, "Pokemon = sales", but gen three isn't exactly that highly regarded. Gen one got a remake because it was the one that started it all, and gen two got a remake because it was by far many fans' favorite gen. Gen three and four are on the lower end of the spectrum, as far as popularity goes.
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"g/s were on regular gb? i must have forgotten. so it is very likely the 3rd will be on 3ds."

No and Yes. No because it's a GBC game and yes because it also works on the regular the GB too. Pokemon Gold and Silver were released for Game Boy Color but they are also compatible for play on the regular Game Boy. They came on those special dark grey cartridges like that of Link's Awakening DX which didn't had that huge-ass bump on the top of the cartridge so they are compatible. Pokemon Crystal which came later had that and wasn't compatible with the regular Game Boy. There's a theory though that if you remove the cartridge board from Pokemon Crystal's cartridge and install it to a GB flash cartridge or an empty one which lack that bump than Pokemon Crystal could still work on the regular GB too but I haven't try that yet so it's just nothing but a theory.
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.....I've gone into this way too many times on the Pokemon Black Board.

NO it is NOT the same situation as Gold and Silver. By the time crystal was released as a GBC exclusive, GBA was only months away from being released. We're talking about Grey being released only 6 to 18 months into the lifespan of the 3DS...much more similar to Gold / Silver than Crystal. GS were released to take advantage of the GBC while still playable on GB because the largest customer base existed on the GB, not the GBC. It made more sense to sell to as many people as possible.

The same holds true for Grey. Only 6 - 18 months into 3DS lifespan, there will be a much larger customer base of DS owners. Makes more sense to release the game where most people can buy it...especially since it will run on the same engine as BW. Crystal like all other third versions ran on the same engine as the first two of the gen. It was only GBC exclusive because...well at that point GB didn't matter much considering GBA was going to be out in a few months.

The thing is, the first two were built to fully take advantage of the GBC the 3rd version being GBC exclusive sort of made sense.

BW are not designed to take advantage of the 3DS features...moreover, there is a much larger gap in the hardware between DS and 3DS than there was between GB and GBC. "Grey", running on the BW engine means it's not designed for really doesn't make sense to release it as a 3DS exclusive then for a few added featuers when the core of the game could run on just unecessarily excludes potential customers (the biggest chunk of potential customers if released early enough into 3DS lifespan).

As for RSE remakes...not in generation V. The timing is way off. There are PLENTY of reasons NOT to make RSE remakes at least until generation 6. The pattern can still be broken...and a pattern of remakes every generation cannot possibly be sustained. EVentually you have originals playable on the same system as the remakes which makes no sense whatsoever. If the pattern continues, we end up with DPP remakes in gen. 6. even though DPP are still playable on 3DS.

BW - September 2010
Grey - September 2011 / 2012
Gen. VI - September 2013 on 3DS

If 3DS launches in March 2011, Grey version may be released only 6 months into 3DS lifespan...reasonable enough time to be a DS game. It would have 3DS features to attract some people to buy the new system. At this point, making it 3DS exclusive just for that purpose wouldn't seem all that meaningful. After all, the same diehard pokefans who would buy a new system for a few added features are likely the same fans who would buy a new system just for a 3rd version of a game they already played.

This leaves the next set of games, 2.5 years into the 3DS lifespan as the first 3DS Pokemon games designed FOR the this point, designing a completely new Pokemon game, why would they go for a remake? It's just much more logical to start out on a new system with a new generation rather than remakes as the first 3DS Pokemon games.

No RSE remakes until at least gen. 6.
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#26sebetaiPosted 7/25/2010 12:18:24 AM
i would say gen 6 will come out in 4 to 5 years. that leaves a at least one year for a ruby/sapphire remake.
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Pokemon games usually come out about every 2 years so
b/w: 2010
gray: 2012
r/s remakes: 2014
gen 6: 2016

Thats still quite a long ways away which means it'll will be on 3ds.
g/s had gbc features but could still be used on a gb but crystal was gbc exclusive
b/w have 3ds features but can be played on a ds gray will follow and be 3ds exclusive
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No, they have been coming out once a year lately
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