Do you think there shude be a new banjo-kazooie for the 3ds?

#11gransPosted 7/20/2010 8:33:37 PM
I'll say this though- i've not heard anything about the 360 ports of Banjo 1 and 2 sucking. They are pretty much strait ports with cleaner textures, higher resolution, and decreased slowdown. Most of the original code is intact and it would be hard for them to screw up strait ports to such a powerful system.
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#12MetroidJunkiePosted 7/20/2010 8:43:08 PM
Donkey Kong 64 was similar to Banjo Kazooie so why doesn't Nintendo just let Retro Studios make a new Donkey Kong 64 type game on the 3DS instead? Nintendo owns the franchise so they have the right to.
#13Mario_BonesPosted 7/20/2010 11:20:57 PM
I'd prefer ports of the originals, because any new entries in the series will probably contain the Banjo that looks like he's overdosed on Honeycomb.
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3DS is going to be the best portable ever and hopefully one of the best consoles ever.
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Yes, that last one was correct in this thread, but if you use shude and strait without referring to water, I think you might need to relearn a few things.
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#16MasterOtenkoPosted 7/21/2010 4:33:41 AM
No. There shouldn't be. Just about all of the staff that worked on the original games have left Rare, so there's an extremely low chance that the new game would be anywhere near as good.

I wouldn't mind a Kazooie-Tooie double pack port, though...
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#17SUPERM3TROIDPosted 7/21/2010 4:53:02 AM
Nintendo wouldn't need Rare they could just buy the IP and let someone else work on it like Retro. That is if Microsoft lets them buy it which probably won't happen.
#18Pinnacle1987Posted 7/21/2010 1:27:40 PM
Shude is a word, people.

It's somewhat unlikely that that's what the TC meant, but it's still a word.