So How long do you think it will be before Nintendo perfects holograms?

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Never.Humanity as we know it will cease to exit in large numbers after 2023.

Nah, it will be fine until 03:14:07 on Tuesday, 19 January 2038. Then, however, the world will end or at least be warped back to 1901. Cookie for reference!
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message detail Nintendo perfected Holograms in 1995 after working on replicating the Holodeck on Star Trek: TNG.

However as the amount of energy and money to make them, it's currently unfeasible to release to the public at this time.

Currently Nintendo is working on a game system where you play against yourself, from a different point in time. So you play today, then you play tomorrow, we today you played against tomorrow you, while tomorrow you played today you. It's hard to make it work with wormholes being so unstable, but they are close.
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