Tired of all these future remakes coming out

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You can't argue with them, because according to them everything nintendo does is perfect.

you guys also forgot they are also remaking metal gear solid 3 , and much much more down the line, and not just nintendo, sony as well are re mastering alot of PS2 titles when they could work on new things, something tells me these people are running out of ideas/stories for the old generations and cant continue with newer contents therefore they will keep re-releasing remakes on every new console that is coming out in near future as well.

I am a nintendo fan but geez, i'd like to play an original new made title , a sequal or something for something old, not remakes..

zelda? sure its a great game but we all know there has been and still ways to play these on your computer or PSP, even DS before they re release the remake on the 3ds, and many other N64 games.

So because you pirate the game, it's a waste of time to release it for people to buy?
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Yay let's complain about 5 remakes during a console's birth, when usually original games take a longer time to develop these days, as evidenced by pretty much every single console's birth.
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