Give me one good reason to keep my 3DS, other than for OoT.

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SeamusOHassey posted...
But that's where I disagree as the GBA created a market for niche RPGs and I'm pretty sure the game would've sold extremely well but that's just me.

I beg to differ, the rise of interest came from the international release of Final Fantasy 7 by Sony on Playstation, it's now known as the crowned king of RPG worldwide (despite critics about the latest one and obviously better titles) but before it wasn't even known in Europe and the USA had only 3 of them on 6...

The RPG genre owes a big one to Sony and Final Fantasy 7.
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I wasn't clear there, but I was referring only to the handheld market which was only populated by the GBA at the time lol.

But yeah I do agree with you up above.

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He said 1 reason not 500: close topic pls

Didn't expect this many responses lol.
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