Is the 3DS more "hardcore Nintendo" than the Wii?

#31TeremeiPosted 7/8/2011 3:39:28 AM
Kitt Thrust posted...
the whole ' hardcore ' thing needs to stop.

No the whole Nintendo focusing on grandma and wii sports and crap like that needs to stop. They need to start paying attention to their base.
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niels200683 posted...
The real hardcore nintendo players are all busy with their imported Famicom Disk Systems. The only game they play is Super Mario Bros. 2 (JPN) - going for the fastest speed run.

EVERYONE knows that!

This is the only time hardcore even makes sense. Someone playing a game a lot does not mean they are hardcore. Someone that imports a game, learns the native language to play said game, etc. would be hardcore. Perhaps fanatical, but more hardcore than what the term means usually.

Actually, hardcore also makes sense when talking about music.
It's why I hate hardcore RPGs - I prefer fully orchestrated RPGs myself.
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