I need to watch my nude dramas on the go, why can't I do this on the 3DS

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mkbk posted...
Nope. There is absolutely no situation in which I actually want to "game on the go" with my 3DS. To actually take out my 3DS and play any amount of satisfying time I'd actually have to create a situation for myself. If I want to "game on the go," my iPod Touch or my cell phone are vastly superior for that purpose. Games designed for quick and casual plays while costing a fraction of what the 3DS offers. Plus much more superior multimedia functions.

You know, some of us gentlemen wanna play REAL games, not those costing-1-hour-to-make-flash-games bullcrap. It amazes me that I actually have to pay for some of them. Just comes to show how idiotic some people can be when they're given money. How much did that unoriginal Angry Birds make again? lolol right.
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mkbk posted...

All of which I couldn't give two s***s about because they're all bad. Why would I use my 3DS for a music player? Might as well carry half a brick in my pocket. A pedometer? What the bloody f*** do I need a pedometer for? Or a piece of s*** camera?

I'm all for putting in more multimedia functionality in a game system but don't pepper it up as if Nintendo did their best.

what the hell are you talking about? You got to a problem? Re-read what I posted.

- OP wants adult movies on his 3ds.
- The guy under him says it's a gaming handheld. That's why he got it.
- I pointed out all the things that make it seem like nintendo it's looking beyond the 3DS being just a "gaming handheld".

Please at least read a little before quoting and commenting....
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