3DS is Marketed Towards Young Adults (I Was Right)

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I bought my Lite with money I jacked off a guy who tried to shoot me. Probably in the minority there, but hey, whatever.
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From: Korlithiel | Posted: 7/6/2011 12:58:58 AM | #014
lambchips, Sony started off marketing the PSP at the above college age adult. Then adult, then young adult. I'm not sure how they plan to market the PS Vita, but I suspect a similar progression noting the decent model requires a monthly fee and 3G through AT&T.

Have you seen any PSP commercials?

I mean the PSP's "Kevin Bacon" is a little tweenage kid, Marcus. And oh god that "Thank you PSP" commercial where they keep going to middle-school kids saying "Thank you PSP, for letting me beat my brother at ___" and such, man that commercial is just awful tween crap.
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ShadowNinja606 posted...
I jacked off a guy who tried to shoot me.

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The 3ds is gonna have more M rated games then any other nintendo system! Look at resident evil and mgs and such...

Its already aiming at the 16-30 range than the 6-15 range


These games just need to come out already
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