Star Fox 64 3D has bots confirmed for offline

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"Well, we put it in StarFox Command but it really wasn't what people played the game for.

Gee, maybe that's because you made it so if one person ragequits, the entire game is canceled?

C'mon, Nintendo...
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Iluvgreenday123 posted...
I call bs. Maybe 348 tags where some could be the same person but different people? No. Nintendo World's 3DS has like 500 different people.

Well I call bs on your bs. I guess someone needs some picture proof. :p

There you go he of little faith. 348 different people and 475 if you count meeting them on different days.
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So it's basically the N64 Cart with updated graphics. I think I'll stick with my N64 Cart. Only reason I was considering the purchase was if it had online. I have never come across another 3DS that wasn't a demo unit.
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