Star Fox 64 3d Keeps Looking Better

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User Info: yoshiyo187

5 years ago#1

srry if old but wow
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User Info: pnutut

5 years ago#2
Yeah. Looking good. One of the biggest improvements in the 3DS version, besides textures and shading, is the superior draw distance. The N64 version utilized a lot of hardware fogging to hide polygon clipping, and to improve overall performance.

("polygon clipping" - I think that would be the correct term. Something like that anyway.)
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User Info: Bull__Moose

5 years ago#3
Still no online?
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User Info: Iluvgreenday123

5 years ago#4
Kaneisalive posted...
Still no online?

Yeah, it's not looking better unless they confirm online. Otherwise, it's a no go for me.
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