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5 years ago#1
So I have my 3DS and I bought a number of games in the eShop. Obviously, most of them are DSiware. And I have these little problems going on with them, that I'd love to take to the Nintendo Tech Support, but since I don't live neither in the US or Canada I just plain can't. So, please, if you can, help me here.

1) I bought "GO Series: 10 Second Run", but every time I try to run it, both screens turn white and... nothing. It just sits there until I get tired of waiting and turn it off or go back to the Home menu.

2) I also bought "Alt-Play: Sajon Rohrer Anthology", and what happens when I try to run it is that the screens turn black and, as with 10 Second Run, it stays like that until I turn off the system or go back to the Home menu.

And it really bothers me that this happens with cheap yet cool-looking games. But there's one thing more: the other DSiwares I bought(Shantae, Kappa's Trail and PvZ) is that when I try to check the manual/help for these games, the screens turn white and freeze, just like 10 Second Run does! PvZ even freezes the music, which is never a good sign.

So... if anyone has any idea what might this be, and what's the solution(if there is a solution at all) please do help.

Thanks in advance, and have a very nice day!
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5 years ago#2
have you tried deleting them off the system and re-downloading for free ?
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5 years ago#3
Sounds like a problem with your 3DS that you'll likely need repaired. Is there really no way for you to get support from Nintendo?
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5 years ago#4
Yes. Three times.

Highly unlikely, seeing I'm in Brazil. I think there's only one authorized tech support provider around(and it's not even in my state)
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5 years ago#5
you can't contact nintendo directly from their site(e-mail for example)? they may be able to tell you what you can do.
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5 years ago#6
I can try, but I'm afraid they might want to see the thing(as in: have me send it for repairs) and I've just started an OoT3D game this week and don't plan on getting separated from my 3DS any soon. :P

...Also, it'd be a huge hassle to send it overseas. Anyway, I'm gonna try.
-- Professional Mole
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