How is Fortified Zone?

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the point is its possible now so why bring those games from back then that are harder for us to play and get into cause there black and white and just such simple versions.

This guy above me got it right after playing pokemon b/w its hard to,player r/b/y.

Just like who its hard to play sml, or dk 94 or kirby when there not the best of its kind and doesn't hold up well to date.
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You don't like monochrome. We know that Fortified Zone has monochrome graphics. We don't need to know your thoughts on that.

So pretend Fortified Zone was released on the SNES and has awesome graphics. Now answer this question: How is Fortified Zone?
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darkqueenhelba posted...
Yeah, but in '94 Megaman V was released for the GB. Not Megaman X. Megaman X wasn't even possible on the handheld.

actually...megaman x had 2 gbc titles. megaman xtreme and megaman xtreme 2.
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Big difference between the Xtreme on the GBC which was around 2000 and X on the SNES.
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