Can't wait till they put the Oracle games in the VC

#11BlackPhoenix127Posted 7/9/2011 9:30:01 AM
Yes, yes and more YES!

I loved Ages and Seasons and would love to play these games again. They were some of my favorite games I had on GBC.

Let's hope we see these along with the original Poke'mon very soon. I'm shooting for holidays.
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#12JackstinPosted 7/9/2011 9:53:24 AM
GastonRabbit posted...

This. Nintendo fully owning the copyright was how the Donkey Kong Country games could be released on the Wii VC despite the developer for those games being owned by Microsoft.

That was because of the specific contractual arrangement made when Rare moved away.

Remember Super Mario RPG took AAAGGGES to come over because Square were dubious about the VC at first.