"It took forever for the DS to get good games. Get over it."

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5 years ago#71
darkqueenhelba posted...
Same could be said in reverse. I have no problems with others critiquing my games. Plenty of people do it for a living. Some points I agree with, others I don't. Whatever the case maybe I don't let that detract from my own experiences with a game. There are plenty of good games to choose from on the 3DS. I'm not going to bother comparing my version of good/great to another's. It's foolish. It's all perspective. A lot of people really seem to have a hard time comprehending this for some reason. Why? I don't know. I wish they would though.

"Your" games? They're not your games, they are games that you like that were made by other people

Clear yourself of that mindset and you'll probably have more fun/get less stressed out about games and what people think of them.
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5 years ago#72
LUlGI posted...
Too bad this isnt the DS and shouldnt follow such a bad example.

Your comment is fair enough if "It took forever for the DS to get good games. Get over it." is just a response to people making the point that the 3DS had a crappy launch and are waiting for games for the system, however I often find that retaliation (I.E. "It took forever for the DS to get good games. Get over it.") in response to people saying things like the 3DS will fail and it has absolutely no games, implying that the system is a dud and there are no games coming out for it which simply isn't true. Basically the complaint that the 3DS has no games won't last forever, so it being so heavily complained about now (especially when the DS had just as big of a drought of games and got very popular and wasn't burnt out by people constantly talking about how it had no games) is getting old because it starts to feel like trolls are just complaining about it while they can (not that a lot of 3DS owners just aren't bored of waiting for 3DS games, but as I said it often just feels like troll-bashing of the system).

So yeah, (arguably) the 3DS has no games right now-I don't think Nintendo has sold that many systems for what they wanted, either-but it WILL, and it people complaining about the lack of games again and again and again and again again and again and again and again... gets old.
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5 years ago#73
Didn't I just say that? I used "my" as a way to describe the games I own/play/enjoy. Obviously they're not "mine".
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5 years ago#74
People need to stop having short attention spans and thinking they must have 100000 new games every single week. Why not play the games you already own? I'm sure many of you have backlogs of games you could be playing. So stop whining about lack of 3DS games.
5 years ago#75
RobJ23 posted...
People need to stop having short attention spans

"TC is this guy: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumblarge_398/12421089776uDpsu.jpg" -chaomaster4000
5 years ago#76
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
The reason people keep saying that the 3DS will have great games in the future is because the have no real argument to the true statement that many of the 3DS games "now" are just not that great. Of course better games will come out, but right now the selection isn't very desirable.

They are so fanboyish that they can't admit that the 3DS isn't and never will be perfect.

Fanboys are so much worse than the people they try to call trolls and yet they assume they are always right just because they like the company or game.

If you can't handle a game you like getting criticized, then you should never go to a competing board and bash them. Because then you are just a troll, like you claim the people who comment negatively about something you like are.

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5 years ago#77
I do agree with you TC. i dont understand why peopel think just because the ds, or GBA, or other system launch titles are bad means this has to be the same too. Now im not saying if the Launch titles were bad, for me personally none of them strike my interest or justify spending 40$ on.
Everyone knows with time there will be better games, thats just plain obvious. What i dont understand is why people who say "You dont like it, dont buy it" or anything like that. If thats the case i probably wouldnt own any, since i can find at least 1 thing wrong with something i own. Does that mean i shouldnt own it? No. I also dont get why people feel the need to tell other people to keep their opinions/compaints to themselves. if thats the case how will devs (or anyone else for that matter) change?
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