How do the levels work in Find Mii?

#1SmartMan72Posted 7/8/2011 11:22:15 AM
Im like on the 5th-6th level of Find Mii, and everytime I use mii's that I collect on streetpass, or if I hire a hero, its alwasy either level 1 or 2. Never even seen a level 3 before and i was reading the boards here on gamefaqs and apparently theres level 7 miis and everything.

So anyway my question is how do I get higher level Mii's to fight with?
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Meeting the same people will cause their Miis to increase in level.
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If you SP a mii 2 times, it will be level 2. If you SP a mii 5 times, it will be level 5(at a max level of 7),etc.
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