Anyone still hyped up for MGS 3D?

#81L0L_FAQPosted 7/13/2011 5:07:03 AM
Damn, gonna have to buy the HD collection too! Hurrah!
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L0L_FAQ posted...
From: Nnamz | #043
#1. Kojima already confirmed the HD collection will have transfarring, and therefore will be on Vita.
proof that transfarring = on vita?

Kojima slapped together that MGS cut scene in weeks. Given more time it could have easily been 30fps.

Jesus Christ dude....

Transfarring is PS3/Vita exclusive. There is no other combination of systems with transfarring, and you can't do transfarring WITHOUT Vita.

Anyway here is your proof:

Look under the second icon for PS3/Vita connectivity. It says "Metal Gear Solid HD Edition". Therefore the collection will be on Vita. It's a fact.

EDIT: Looks like someone beat me to it ^_^
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mgs3 HD will also run at 60FPS. so nice.
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I rather get the HD collection, playing it on a big 50 HDTV will be awesome

MGS games are suppose to be experienced, you are suppose to be immersed, hard to do that on a small screen on a bus
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