Is the 3DS still worth getting if I don't like Zelda or RPGs?

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He's talking about the current RPGs released at the moment. Tales of the Abyss isn't out in NA yet, but it's released in Japan atm. Lrn2readingcomprehend

And you do realize that the 3DS is region locked right? DO YOU?! Telling someone about a game only in Japan is the same as saying nothing.

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LightHawKnight posted...
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i still think its a visual novel with rpg elements
(kind of like the SMT games on the ds)
The SMT games on the DS are not visual novels though.......

but the talking parts are

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A lot of RPGs have talking. That doesn't make them visual novels.
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And Kingdom Hearts and Time Travelers >.>

I should have said "currently available" and not put so much emphasis on it since 3DS just launched.

KH is more of a button mashing action game, so TC shoiuld definitely like that.