Why does Nintendo feel it's necessary to keep us in the dark with everything?

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Nintendo views it's fans as idiot children. They know what's best for you, and they don't care whether you like it or not. So just settle down, be a good boy, and don't forget to buy 3D Classic Urban Champion coming...ehhh...well I dunno exactly when it's coming but just make sure mommy has her credit card ready for when it does.
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andodel posted...
Nobody really knows, but it could be that they don't know what will happen. If they say Netflix will come on July 22, but then they have delays, people will be pissed.


and the winning candidate is this... :P

ss4gogeta_dark posted...
because electricity is expensive. Darkness is free.
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Huh. I forgot Nintendo owned Netflix for a second.
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These are all sound arguments. I guess I'm just tired of never knowing when to expect some of my favorite games or features
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I totally understand what you mean TC. honestly though i dont get it either. To me at least by the way they are going it seems like they are just going with stuff last minute. which may or may not be true. I mean at the very lease they should at least know what is coming out on the e-shop. things like that take time to get release and for them to not even know whats going to be release beforehand just seems fishy.

For other releases like Netflix, etc they should have a general release date for it. and when the time comes get more specific about it without giving an exact date (thus not making people mad)

in all seriousness they have no reason to keep us in the dark, we are paying costumers why not tell us some information about games, app, etc. its not going to hurt.
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I don't get why NoA doesn't at least announce whats coming out on the eShop like NoJ.
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PokeMaster posted...
I don't get why NoA doesn't at least announce whats coming out on the eShop like NoJ.

Because NoA doesn't care. They know we will buy their stuff anyway, no matter how little effort they put into it and how long they make us wait for it. They never give a reason or an excuse b/c they know that they have thousands of White Knighters out there that will make up some.
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ss4gogeta_dark posted...
because electricity is expensive. Darkness is free.

Pretty much this.
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TC is asking question Im not sure they have the answers to. Netflix is in development, I seriously doubt they want to give a date just to end up not being able to deliver.

3D Movies? That sure sounds like a big deal to me. Thats not something you slap together over night. This system has been out for only a few months now. Most systems truly arent worth owning to most people until they are a year or 2 in. If we dont see 3D movies until 2012 that wouldnt surprise me at all.
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