Selling Mine On Ebay.....

#11TrekCyclingPosted 7/11/2011 4:02:15 PM
Marbiaach posted...
You know people who are saying "Oh I'm selling my 3DS for a vita" Nintendo STILL has your money from the 3DS so it's not like your hurting them.

#1 - I don't think anyone is "hurting" Nintendo. It's this kind of discussion that gives Gamefaqs a bad reputation. Please be sensible.

#2 - It *might* hurt Nintendo because someone who would have bought it new is now going to buy it used. This is part of the reason game companies are against used game sales. One used game/hardware sale is one less new sale.

#2b - It might *help* Nintendo because perhaps the person buying the used system wouldn't have purchased it new. In this case Nintendo gets game sales from an individual who might not have even been a customer.
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