Hinge problem (anyone have a really tight, secure hinge?)

#1ultimalegionPosted 7/12/2011 7:23:04 PM
So I got my first 3DS like a couple months ago, tried having it repaired but I made the mistake of buying it abroad, so I'm stuck with this one (they don't want to make my warranty valid).

I got a new 3DS (I will be giving the other one to my sister), in my country and the hinge still has some play, not as bad as the other one though, but.... I will call tomorrow to start the warranty process, alas, all I see in youtube and many places are videos of a 3DS with a loose hinge and just STATEMENTS from people that have a tight hinge. No videos of people with tight hinges.

Does any of you have a video or can record a video of a 3DS with a tight hinge?
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