So what can friends do?

#1PicclemanPosted 7/13/2011 1:02:23 AM
I saw a topic about not being able to send messages to friends online, what CAN you do to interact with your friends? Besides play games together obviously...
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#2LuffypwnsNarutoPosted 7/13/2011 1:26:58 AM
The most that it can do is notify you when a friend is online. See the little led that flickers when a notification is sent to you via spotpass? It also flickers when a friend is online, even while you are playing a game. You can access your friends list and see what game your friend is playing. If your friend is playing an online game such as Mercs3D then you can attempt to join him/her. What I don't know is if the led blinks whenever someone changes their "message."

In all honesty Nintendo nailed the Friend Code system by making it universal and allowing you to see what your friends are playing. However, without a better messaging system or atleast an invite system there is no way to set up a match without resorting to computers. However, Nintendo did add an E-Shop and Bowser through an update as well as how they are handling the WiiU's online system implies that Nintendo does care about online play, it's just a new frontier for them.

It might be possible for text messaging and even the video chat that was promised to us as well as more online heavy content ( Nintendo Video, Netflix, Flipnote Memo) to be included in future updates. The 3DS is still new so it's best to give it some time.
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