I'm going to be very angry if this is legit

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From: andodel | #019
The site was hacked, so your information will probably be stolen.

the site wasn't hacked. there is a thread about this at CAG and someone spoke directly to customer service. They said it was a glitch when updating the site. odds are no one will get stuff but some one on the Current Events board used next day shipping and he claims his order is in route.

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lizard81288 posted...

I though this site gave you big savings, according to the tv ads, however, it looks like its just nickles and dimes, plus you have to pay monthly

You don't have to pay monthly. They have nice bedding. I've never seen a great price on a video game though.
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A bunch of people just got cancellations, the "glitch" was fixed.
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Shah138 posted...
A bunch of people just got cancellations, the "glitch" was fixed.

This... no need to be angry, it's not legit :D

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