Will nintendo video store all the trailers you download from the eshop?

#1ThE_iron_MaNPosted 7/13/2011 1:52:10 PM
If not, are they going to release something that does? It's kind of annoying having an app for each trailer.
#2niels200683Posted 7/13/2011 2:18:02 PM
Nintendo video does not do anything with trailers... trailers are still seperate downloads.

Nintendo video automatically downloads new videos, which you can play inside of nintendo video.

I currently have 2 3D cartoons, and 1 magic show. Total runtime is ~15 minutes. (One of the cartoons is 8 minutes long... well, 7m52s) Download is pretty quick, quality of the cartoons is excellent - some graininess in the magic card tricks.

It says on each video that it is only available until 20/07, probably the date on which new videos arrive to replace the current available ones.

All in all: well worth the money (0 bucks). It's pretty nice for a free service (even though, as far as free services on consoles are concerned: Vidzone is still my favorite)
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