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5 years ago#1
nuff said.....

Seriously though, you can either pay for hotspot or get it free with some app/services providers. Then you can watch movies on your 3ds n e where.

The cool part is that 3ds is like a mini laptop as far as the way you can set it up.

It just folds out perfectly so you set it on your lap/table/belly w/e, and just enjoy some awesome movies/animes/cartoons/tv show from your youth, beetle borgs/power rangers anyone?

This is awesome for me mainly cause they still dont over netflix on the evo, oh wait, its finally in the app store, lmao. Oh well, I dont like having movies interuppted by phone calls so its still better on 3ds imo.
5 years ago#2
so everyone agrees, AWESOME
5 years ago#3
Beetle Borgs may of been decent for the lack of stuff that was on basic TV at the time for kids.

However there's Rocko's Modern Life, Xmen which are better rated/received shows. Plus there's Lost. Not to mention a slew of great movies.
5 years ago#4
*coughcough*Mystery Team*coughcough*

possibly the funniest movie I watched.
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5 years ago#5
Time to stream countless hours of Law & Order: SVU.
5 years ago#6
none of what TC said explains what people should do when traveling or are in an area without service. wifi isnt everywhere. you'd still have to buy a mobile hotspot device(monthly payments) to get a connection, or use your phone. if you have a phone capable of producing a mobile hotspot, that also means you have a phone with a better screen and netflix....making your 3DS kinda moot.

im not against Nintendo or the release of netflix, but its not as portable as some people make it out to be. not as portable as other devices for this particular service anyway.....
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5 years ago#7
Beetle Borgs may of been decent for the lack of stuff that was on basic TV at the time for kids.

Beetleborgs was my power rangers, man. Even though I liked power rangers too -_-
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5 years ago#8
Well it might not be as portable as some people would like, but it still has a-lot of benefits. Throw on some headphones and using the WiFi while you're passing out next to your chick who's already sleeping so you don't wake her up for example.
5 years ago#9
I'm still amazed they got a big star like Jay Leno to co-star in Bettleborgs.
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5 years ago#10
Biiiiiiiiiiig Baaaaaaaaaad Beetleborgs!
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