Questions about the top screen's resolution

#1DranakinPosted 7/14/2011 12:39:57 PM(edited)
I understand that the top screen is a 3.53 in (5:3 ratio) screen with a resolution of 800240 pixels and that when the 3D effect is on, it's a 400240 pixels per eye resolution.

Does that mean anytime the 3D effect is off (slider down, DS game, etc.), the resolution stays at 800x240? As soon as you flick the slider up, it goes to 400x240 per eye?

Does that mean 3DS games are rendered/programmed at 400x240 resolution, even if there is no 3D effect (Cubic Ninja, I think)? If so, are 3DS games "upscaled" to 800x240 if you keep the slider down?
#2Gavin_RozeePosted 7/14/2011 1:11:51 PM
It's 400x240 in 2D. It's two 400x240 images at slightly different camera angles in 3D.
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