Anyone bring their 3DS to a con?

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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#11
i just got my first 10 hit SP the other day!
i was surprised to see i got 10 hits just walking about on a school holiday
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User Info: 0PTICS

5 years ago#12
I'm bringing mine with me to Comic-Con next week.

I got 2 or 3 when I went to SF during WonderCon. I didn't attend WonderCon, but I did see people around who did....

User Info: theshoveller

5 years ago#13
If I was planning on going to Otakon, I would have taken mine. Since the last three disappointed me more than usual, I'm saying screw it and just taking a week off work to do whatever I feel like doing. Screw waiting for some fatass dressed like Goku to move his ten-ton rear further down a tiny aisle because he just had to stop in the middle of a hallway for a picture or to look at a DVD and totally ignore my initially nice "Excuse me..."

Plus the selection of stuff they show hasn't impressed me much. The few things that look decent, there's always a group of jackasses who sit in front of me and talk throughout the whole thing. Everything else is stuff I could watch on TV, at my house, for free, on Cartoon Network. Just not worth it.

If I ever plan on going to Comic-Con next year though, I'd probably take it, though that would require a significant investment - plane tickets or gas, a hotel, etc.

User Info: 0PTICS

5 years ago#14
I'm hoping I can at least get all the puzzle panels during the two days at the con. Really only want Link and Samus.

User Info: WaywardUltima

5 years ago#15
I got around 50 back in March from Tekkoshocon.
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User Info: Shinra_Turk

5 years ago#16
I'll be taking mine to Otakon
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