3DS fell down and now PERMANENT double images?

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5 years ago#11
andodel posted...
These days, everything is ultra thin and light so you have to be more careful.

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5 years ago#12
If there's no visible damage to the 3DS I bet you can get it repaired for free.
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5 years ago#13
Sounds like the parallax barrier shifted. There's no fix other than sending it to Nintendo or playing with the 3D off forever.

Or maybe... -Nah, it wouldn't work... Would it? I mean... Dropping it again, but this time in the opposite angle. It's just crazy enough to work! Or break it completely. One of those two outcomes.
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5 years ago#14
tfalco posted...
That really sucks..... they don't make them like they use too. You could, drop, burn, crush, [exaggerating of course] the old models from the 1st GBDS and all previous model gameboys and as long as the screen didn't break it would play just fine.... Since launch I dropped my 3ds 4 times but it was in a protective carrying case and while I was getting out of my car.... I also dropped my fat psp, the case I had was designed to be open on one end. I had it upside down and it slipped out, hit the concrete, the screen cracked and the bottom right corner was destroyed lol.....

Yeah. GBASP may have been the last durable Nintendo handheld. Dropped it so many times. Now everything is so damn fragile!
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5 years ago#15
The prognosis is in:

And, it's not the 3DS..........it's you.......it's you. *insert dramatic pause here*

*quietly leaves topic softly closing door**
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