I guess most disappointment in the 3DS isn't because of the launch line-up

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Well - if waves of AAA titles would have launched every other month - it probably would have sold 20 million units in a month
Which would have killed the 3rd party developers and ended their support and we would have never gotten games from developers that have not made a game for Nintendo in years, or ever.

I agree with you, by oversaturating the market with their popular 1st party titles they would have lost interest of third party developers; but I just want to know: Which developers are you talking about?

Launch window line-up is mainly made up by games from Capcom & Ubisoft

Samurai warriors 3 was a wii title,
Samurai Heroes was also for wii.

Ridge racing DS
(surely there's more, just can't think of one right now)

Raving rabbids 1,2,3,4 etc.
Assassin's creed DS
Prince of persia (2 DS games, 1 Wii game)
Many sport titles on both DS & Wii
Red steel 1&2

Resident Evil 4 Wii
Resident Evil DS
Tatsunoku vs. Capcom
Zack & Wiki
Monster Hunter Tri
Resident evil 'lightgun' games
Mega man / Zero

Lego games were on DS & Wii already too, Asphalt was on DS too. Team Ninja already worked on Metroid Prime: Other M & Ninja gaiden DS.

As far as I know: all major developers that are currently making, or have made, a 3DS game were already making games for the previous generation of Nintendo hardware as well. Most of them even made exclusive titles for the systems.
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The launch line-up wasn't that bad. Street Fighter IV and Ghost Recon picked up a lot of the slack.

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I do see some truth to neils' theory, but I don't think it explains the system's current troubles. Nothing mentioned here is anything new, young systems commonly go through all of it.

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