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User Info: LonelyGoomba

5 years ago#11
eh, the console versions are much much much better than this

User Info: obishawn

5 years ago#12
I have the 3DS and 360 versions and I like the 3DS game better, by far. It is short and easy, but it is easily the funnest LEGO game I've played, not counting Bionicle Heroes for the DS. - Metroid music remixed to metal - See my sidebar for more free VG music

User Info: jfitz1982

5 years ago#13
Mario_Bones posted...
jfitz1982 posted...
Mario_Bones posted...
It's a port of the Wii version, which has less levels than the 360/PS3 version

It's not a port of the Wii version. Having played and beaten both versions, its quite different.

Huh, I had people telling me otherwise. What's different?

Level design is similar yet too diff to be a port. Also character abilities are diff. Hub is different. Boss battles are different. The creaters stated back in Jan it was a port, but its not. The graphics are almost identical(when not playing in 3D.) That's the only thing that it truly matches the console version on.

That said its still enjoyable.
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