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5 years ago#1
How would you describe the 3ds in a word. From the 3d to the eShop, or the Mii Maker

Psn: DAHbaddest
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5 years ago#2
PSN: DarkJustice77
Wii Code or DS Code: I have a few different ones I play online so it's easier to ask.
5 years ago#3
JPN Black 3DS (Feb 27th, 2011)
5 years ago#4
Not changing this sig until my sig changes!
3ds code- 3093-7074-4170
5 years ago#5
I'd rather stick my wedding tackle into a lions mouth and then flick it's love-spuds with a wet towel (07/14/09) FC:210586871690
5 years ago#6
The Hax Series: | Crazyhax | Zestyhax | Haxorus |
No. I | White FC: 3009 8316 2506
5 years ago#7
If the l-block takes sonic's place in Brawl, I'm gonna kill you all...
5 years ago#8
5 years ago#9

All my gaming and Netflix time, and gaming monies, that is.
If the game gets a bad score, bash the game; if the game gets a good score, bash the reviewer. - stanthelovebot
Buy these: Klonoa (Wii), Fragile Dreams,
5 years ago#10
Please do not feed the trolls, mark & move on. Likely posted from my 3DS.
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