We need more N64 ports

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User Info: Metroid_DEAD

5 years ago#1
Those are the best.

User Info: SoaringDive

5 years ago#2
Is there anything left to port??

I mean, other than Majora's Mask.
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

5 years ago#3
More new titles
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User Info: FatalFragger

5 years ago#4
I want MM and that's about it.

User Info: xCha0s

5 years ago#5
i want majoras mask more than anything else.

User Info: kukingina

5 years ago#6
Tales of symphonia and Ogre Battle 64
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User Info: I_am_Gyarados

5 years ago#7

From: kukingina | #006
Tales of symphonia

that sure was a great n64 game
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User Info: hitman51686

5 years ago#8
kukingina posted...
Tales of symphonia and Ogre Battle 64

despite ToS being an NGC title I would love to see it but can they fit a 2 disc gc game on the 3ds?

I want a new Ys game... am I the only one who loves that series??
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User Info: Emeraldsonic101

5 years ago#9
Mario Kart 64.

Best Mario Kart game.
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User Info: Darth Spawn

Darth Spawn
5 years ago#10
I wouldn't mind some kind of updated version of Skies of Arcadia.
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