We need more N64 ports

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5 years ago#11
Emeraldsonic101 posted...
Mario Kart 64.

Best Mario Kart game.

It was my fav too... until MKDS which kept the MK64 feel, but polished it imo.
I like to put my thing down flip it and reverse it.
5 years ago#12

Get me Gotcha Force 2, Mega Man ZX 3, un cancel DASH 3, and more Boktai.
Second Chances sure are great. It's nice to be back, GameFAQs.
5 years ago#13
I rather have a new skies of arcadia,something with the dark/black moon
terraria name:Dulas
5 years ago#14

From: I_am_Gyarados | #007
From: kukingina | #006
Tales of symphonia

that sure was a great n64 game

Yeah it was so great I never got it for my N64.
*shakes fist*
5 years ago#15
i think you want the DS boards.
"Valid in 49 states. Sorry Tennessee!"
5 years ago#16
Currently Working on - War of the Forsaken(working title)
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