capcom is still a wonderful company

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5 years ago#21
It took a long time for a new Marvel vs capcom game to come and it did well. I love the characters they put in the game.

Besides, if you look at the sale numbers for the capcom games on 3ds, they are good. SSF4 sold well.
5 years ago#22
Mewtwo_soul posted...
realzelda posted...
you know we still might get mega man legends 3 but most probably on another console maybe the wii u

Very unlikely. MML series has never had "great" or even "good" sales figures. The execs saw this and aside from other motivational reasons from higher ups to cancel it, that was another factor added in. Producing a game then cancelling costs millions, it's doubtful that unless they recontinue the 3DS [then make a different version for main or primary systems] it'll be made at all.

Current Capcom would have cancelled the original Street Fighter II arcade game based on the low popularity of the 1987 Street Fighter.
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5 years ago#23
capcom has lost a lot of great talent just like square did. it's only a matter of time before they make complete crap games. they aren't there yet, but its bound to happen.
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5 years ago#24
lmao, they're pretty close to being objectively bad now

I hope Dragon's Dogma fails and the company goes under
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