I'm considering getting a 3ds

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Not last spring, but the one before that my DS lite was stolen. I didn't worry about it then (because it was broken), but now I need to replace it. The reason is because I've been called to jury duty. Last time I had to do jury duty my DS saved me from being bored out of my skull. I made some real progress in my games during the two weeks I was there. Since it's been awhile, what's out there in the (3ds) DS market? What are the different versions (of 3ds) and how do they compare with each other? Also, I'm not sure if I can bring in a camera even if it's part of the game console.

Some help and thank you.

(P.S. I posted this message yesterday (with edits now), but the $#@! mods deleted it for off-topic posting, so I'm going to try again.)
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Also, thank you in advance.
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There's actually only one version at the moment; the black and the aqua blue are just different shades of the same system. So if you purchase one, there's no risk of getting the "wrong" one!
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as much as I like the 3DS im afraid you cannot bring it inside the court since it has 3 cameras attached to it
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Only one 3DS at the moment. Some new 3D titles, and the system is completely BC so you can play your old DS games. Also if you have trouble bringing a camera in, you might get into a snag because the 3DS has 3 cameras :(

PS. I'm posting this message on my 3DS.
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Out of curiosity, how much does the 3ds run in Japan?

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Okay, so here's the difference between the two models.

One is blue. One is black.
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Get Chronicles: Samurai Warrior when you do pretty much dynasty warrior its epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic mayuun you are a samurai
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Catspaj33 posted...
Get Chronicles: Samurai Warrior when you do pretty much dynasty warrior its epiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic mayuun you are a samurai

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Actually, I was wondering about the other ds models, but since I think I was modded for that...

I don't actually know, because there were no specifics in the modded message I got. I asked about all ds models yesterday including the 3ds and the topic ran for 11 messages at last count, so I'm a little confused as to what happened.

Anyone know how much the ds runs in Japan?