How come no one talks about that Dr. Lautec game...

#11Dark-KakashiPosted 7/19/2011 10:14:02 PM
I have never played a Layton game, always wanted but never could get one...

I like how this game looks (like Layton's) so I put it on my list. Anyone wants a Layton vs Laudrec game? Because I sure want it :D
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SpiderCVIII posted...
Dual_Sword posted...
SpiderCVIII posted...
It's on my radar, but doesn't it get released along some other great 3DS titles?

3DS has great titles? It's finished.

But seriously how much they tried to be Layton (down to the damn hat) is kind of annoying. But it does look like it could be decent game, or at least until the 3DS Layton gets localized which probably won't be until next year.

Hey don't get smart with me "Dual_Sword" (which I can only assume is a reference to dual swords in MH).

But yeah, it does look like a Layton game, even though I have played none. My brother has and he tells me they are great games, so due to a lack of RPG's on the 3DS I might get this game (if I am done with Devil Survivor Overclocked by then though).

Overclocked looks pretty good. But my name is based on those terrible "DS" puns made in during the early DS days. As for Monster Hunter, I'm a great sword/switch axe user. Dual Swords never did it for me.
#13Mario_BonesPosted 7/20/2011 12:26:53 AM
It's such a blatant ripoff that I don't want to support it
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hey mario_bones... time to change your sig
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Hey, kukingina! I'm hoping it's a parody, which would make the blatant ripoffishness much more tolerable.

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