Great new Star Fox impressions, video and new release date - September 9

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5 years ago#21
chaomaster4000 posted...
AP3Brain posted...
I can play games like that too... There is obviously an increase in visuals but I don't think anybody but a huge blinded fan would be very impressed by the differences and thinks it is worth $40.

There's an obvious increase in visuals, and I'm impressed by them. Solar looks great, Fortuna/Fichina looks great, and videos make it look like the game is running faster too (although this could be my imagination). Does this make me a hude blinded fan?

Depends. Are you VERY impressed with them or just like them and like StarFox so much you are willing to rebuy it for a minor upgrade? I am not gonna judge you. If you think it's worth it then it is worth it for you. I just don't think most people are going to think that way.

I think the main reason people didn't complain too much about OoT is because it included Master Quest and so many people are just Zelda crazy.
5 years ago#22
AP3Brain posted...
MicroOmegaMan posted...

Edited for reassurance.

Edited to point out the truth.

I can play games like that too...

Not when you don't understand what the game is, no.
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5 years ago#23
Ah lol. I take that back then. Whatever, it is late and I am prone to errors while doing other things. And sorry, thought you were trying to change what I was saying or something.
5 years ago#24

I'm not going to pretend I'm not a Starfox fan; that would be lying. However, I'm also a Mario fan and a Zelda fan and didn't find either remakes suitably impressive enough to buy. I'll admit Corneria (the first level) looks very similar to the original, going by some Youtube footage, but the rest of the game has sufficiently impressive detail and overhaul, both in terms of graphics and music, to warrant a purchase for me.

Of course, this is just my opinion and it's fair enough to have your own. However I would debate that it's a "minor upgrade", because as stated before, levels such as Fichina and Solar are really very impressive compared to the originals (and the snowfall in 3D could be particularly immersive, but that's conjecture). I saw Meteo in some Youtube footage a while back, and while it wasn't quite as breathtaking as the aforementioned, it had been given a very nice reskin, as the background was much more detailed. Not to mention we haven't seen some of the levels such as Area 6, which could be very impressive due to the number of enemies on screen at once.
chao master four thousand
5 years ago#25
aaaaaa starfox 64.... the memories I had with this baby. man I remember playing this when I was in middle school then my buddies would come over just to play this, duke nukem 64 and goldeneye
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5 years ago#26
Oh my god, constant 30 FPS is great! I love the improved visuals and the rerecorded lines. I hope that they brought back Rick May for Wolf. I see they brought back Fox and Peppy's VAs.
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5 years ago#27
I...can't let you do that
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