Capcom has screwed almost everyone

#51TerotrousPosted 7/21/2011 10:48:10 AM
Yeah, but even Tatsunoko vs. Capcom had not only a MML level, but an actual MML character to choose to fight as!

So does MvsC3. Tron Bonne is a Mega Man Legends character.
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BahamutRider posted...
"LP2 was still a great co-op game". A game should never have to stand on its online component alone.

"MH ... mainly on psp and jpn hd consoles." Key word being japan. As in exclusive.

"MVSC3, Dead Rising" Already somehow being driven into the ground plus the price gouging and george lucas levels of "buy this again and again."

"Ace Attourney" Yeah, about that...

"BC and Dark Void" I fail to see where they were particularly awful, except maybe capcom's cliffhanger addiction.

"MMZX" Capcom cliffhanger syndrome, no sequel being made.

"PSP MM" scrapped after the first one when they had plans for more.

L4D is mainly online. LP2 is mainly online. Both are boring offline. I fail to see your point.

As I've said, MH just had a recent release here two years ago? Give the series a few more years, I bet a new iteration will be on a Sony console within 3 years. Translating takes a bit you know.

MVSC3/DR are constantly getting better, sure you may have to pay again, but who cares? As long as a series is improving I'm fine with it.
AA has had 4 games this gen?

BC and DV just weren't special, not terrible. Hell I love DV because it gave it DV Zero.

MMZX/ZXA are still great games. Don't whine about not getting things ported until years have passed. MML3 I understand was disappointing, but come on man, MMZXA came out "recently."

PSP MM I agree its a shame they killed it off, MMU was supposed to I guess make up for that. I'm with you on that.

I'm not sure where you were going here.
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Gnik posted...
Yeah, but even Tatsunoko vs. Capcom had not only a MML level, but an actual MML character to choose to fight as!

So does MvsC3. Tron Bonne is a Mega Man Legends character.

I stand corrected, still sucks that there is no version of Mega Man himself, though. He's been in the first two, along with a Volnutt appearance in TvC, we could at least expect a MMX version (who has yet to appear in a vs. fighter) in UMvC3. Maybe through DLC, who knows?
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While I agree Capcom hasn't been...well at all successful to me since resident evil 4. Thankfully it seems they've stepped back a bit and decided to give the fans more of what they want. I was more then satisfied with RE:Mercs and I'm glad to see them pushing 3DS so hard with there new resident evil game. As games cost more and more I expect to be more and more dissatisfied with products but I think capcom has done much better overall at bringing the fans games they do want while still being profitable.

Examples: Marvel VS Capcom 3 (disapointing cast compared to 2 but who thought we'd even ever get another MvsC) Plus Street Fighter 4, Megaman 9 and 10. Im just saying We expect A lot from capcom and I think they do a pretty good job at bringing the games there true fans want to play and releasing them at worthwhile quality. Take a look at Koei or Square Enix and the games they've been making and honestly Capcom is doing a pretty good job.
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