DJ Hero 3D may be dead but...

#11chris1001 the sequelPosted 7/21/2011 11:48:48 AM
I don't really get how you "reboot" something like GH. There's no story. and the entire game is pressing colored buttons in time with the music playing, There's really not much room for a re-imagining.
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#12VincentLAURiAPosted 7/21/2011 11:53:07 AM
They could completely rehaul the game mechanics, but that's more something I'd see most smart companies put into a completely new franchise.

Then again, there's always the brand recognition, the same thing that keeps CoD alive despite being the same thing since CoD4, and completely new gameplay means completely new $70 peripherals to sell, so I wouldn't put it past Kotick.
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