I'm scared that the 3DS will fail just like the gamecube...

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Since I'm the only one to see this is a trolling post, or people just ignore the fact that it's a trolling post to vent, I'll say the only retort I can in this situation. Failtrollistooobvious. Thank you, have a wonderful day.
FuStillBetter3 posted...Guys, guys, I know how to handle this topic. TC is an idiot
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Xevious troll is xevious
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how the **** did Gamecube "fail"?

-it only got beat out by Xbox in console sales by around 1 million
-it made the most profit from console sales despite selling the least out of the three
-it had more than three quality first party games, unlike Wii
-best controller (so long the game didn't make use of the d-pad)

outside of the lack of online capabilities, which don't matter as much because most games were designed for single player anyway, and how we got rushed Twilight Princess so it could be ported to Wii for release and the abomination that is Path of Radiance, Gamecube was a great console, no, it was the LAST great console
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VampiricDragon_ posted...

Your missing some games but whatever, we were only talking about mario sunshine.

The point is in terms of what nintendo has done first party theres not one series that I wouldnt take on the gamecube over the wii. At least people agree.

So the point is that you can pull out reviews to prove that Sunshine is worse than Galaxy 1 and 2 and SM64, but I cannot pull out reviews to demonstrate that Wii Nintendo is worse than GC Nintendo?
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Gamecube might have not sold well, but I was very pleased with the large amount of great games. It was a great console to me, probably my favorite.
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