How will Capcom anger 3DS owners next?

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5 years ago#31
BlackPhoenix127 posted...
libatako posted...
by releasing everything else on the vita and not on the 3ds........from the "unfinished" MML3 to all Monster Hunter games

This would probably be the most they could do.

I agree. That would be great. Some people would actually get to play them that way.
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5 years ago#32
The release RE:Revelations with Anime Chibi looking characters to appeal to the E for everyone rating.
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5 years ago#33
Really? no one has said it? ok...

The will release Resident evil the mercenaries 3d "special edition" and it will include leon,sheva,1 more alternate costume for each character, one more map and it will not have the revelations demo.

Scary, i know.

but the worst part is that it will cost more and it will not be dlc for the original.
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5 years ago#34
What if the RE:Mercs Special Edition has everything you said, plus the E3 2011 Revelations trailer and a deletable/rewritable save file?

Oh wait, this isn't redeem again.

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5 years ago#35
Probably by not allowing them to release Minish Cap on the shop. I love that game.
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